Full Version: LAFE 2012 and 2013!!
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Lafe 2013 will be on 23-25 March 2012 next year.

We will be leaping forward a bit from 43 AD to 60-61 AD.

Theme will be Boudiccan (btw, how many different spellings are there for her name)Revolt.

This will be a two year event.

The Scenario skeleton is established, and we will be in the process of fleshing it out.

We are seeking Major Celt/Briton involvement, leadership and input into the scenario and in participation.

Already looking forward to it. Anybody going to the Georgia Junior Classical League 2011?
WOW Must build:
British chariot(s)
Temple for Auxillia to be besieged in!
Chariots are probably easier to build than it is to train teams of smallish horses, eh?

This event really seems to be growing over the years despite the current recession with both attendees and organic structures. That being said;

I have seen in the images of at least one, past Lafe event that you have had a couple of horses on the field. According to Mapquest, the site is roughly 500 miles +/- from my boarding stables. That is around 10 hrs driving with a trailer and a couple stops. Therefore, I have a few questions toward the organizers/hosts in order to determine if this might be a feasible goal;

1. Would an additional horse'(s) be welcome to a future event with current Coggins? No stallions in question.

2. What accommodations, if any are there for quartering horses? Best maximum being contemporary, (period) stables, then a wooden fence corral to simply two stout trees a few meters apart in order to stretch a picket rope/line. If the latter, somewhat near to the Fort I would hope as I would need to sleep very near to the picket line for safety.

3. Fresh water within reasonable distance? A simple spigot would do as long as it wasn't on the opposite end of a 90+ acre site.

4. Any type of a hand cart/small wagon on site to carry hay/oats from the parking to the picket area? From Google Earth it looks to be a small hike to the Fort.

5. Would authenticity be relaxed regarding correct tack, at least for the initial event? I would be extremely hesitant to invest $,1000+/- from Comitatus for just the saddle until I knew this to be a sure thing. Not to mention the accompanying barding to appear 100%. I wouldn't be against masking my Jenifer per your suggestion. Stirrups would be difficult to mask and going without on a Jenifer would be out of the question above anything other than a trot.

6. How might one or hopefully two riders be utilized for an event? I am not so keen on simple shield bashing as my horse has limited close quarter melee experience. However, with my 19th C. saddle I sit fairly competently, only worried about someone getting stepped upon. With a true Roman reproduction I see many bruises ahead. I hope just bruises. Scouting perhaps? Mounted guard?

Let's digest this for now and see how my questions/concerns are received.

The Lafe staff can answer your questions better, but some type of cavalry/scout unit would be really cool.

There is a ready source of water, in the form of a very roman-like fountain which has a water line running to it. There was also a push-style wagon there this year that was used to move all kinds of things around...

I would hope that the authenticity police would relax on the tack and harness issue. Safety trumps authenticity...but I think the site staff would be ok with it.

I would think, lastly, that any combat with the horses would be disallowed, due to the safety of everyone and the horses. Not to mention liability! So I would say no to a combat role...but a scouting role could be different, or perhaps an area-denial unit. I dunno...depends. They could also say that any flank protected by "cavalry" is not accessible to enemy infantry. Of course, I am speaking from a legionary perspective...
Matt is right. They'll know what fits in, or can be written into the scenarios. Go to, look for the contact links and you're in. Also, might want to join the yahoogroup, found at

Join up and keep current with what develops. Hope to see you and your horse there!

Thanks Magnus for answering a few of my questions and postulating on a couple others. I remember viewing that Romanesque fountain you mentioned in one of the event pics. I just didn't know how close to the Fort was it's location. Not to worry regarding any desire for horse vs. infantry melee. My horse has only experienced this within a mob of other cavalry. At Mainstream ACW events it's called, "Dance of the saber fairies", not an iota of realism but it entertains a crowd so organizers of those events insist it's done. At Campaigner or "hardcore" events it's very rarely done as no public to entertain.

Demetrius, I joined their Yahoo group last week but as yet to post. Good idea however, I think I'll merely paste my questions over there for a response. I just had assumed:roll: that they watched this forum quite closely. I hope to be there sometime in the future, with horse or not!

Excellent forum btw. My Polish wife however is beginning to give me stern looks due to my time buried in back posts:oops: .