Full Version: Need help locating a picture, please
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Hello everyone! Sorry to be the pesky newbie, but I'm seriously hoping someone can help me.

Sometime this month I saw a picture on a web site of a Roman reconstructionist (possibly kneeling) before a Tauroctony that was on the ground before a tent. I know I didn't hallucinate it, but darn me if I can find it again. I remember it was toward the bottom of the page and I'm thinking the text was in German...I don't know why. You now have as much knowledge on the topic as I do.

I wanted a better look at the Taurcontony as I've finally given up on finding a nice one and am going to have to make it.

I finally threw up my hands Tuesday night and started going through my web history, deleting things like Facebook and the like...until I managed to delete the entire month. ;__; It sucks to be me! lol

If anyone has a clue what I'm talking about, I'll be your BFF!!

^__^ Thanks for listening to my rant. It's nice to meet you all.
The hallucination is over! ^___^ I found it!

I can get on with my life. Thanks, everyone, who stopped by to read.
I'm like smiling for the first time in days! lol
(It's the little things!)