Full Version: Castra Lafe 2011 Event
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About 60 Romans and Celts attended the annual Castra Lafe event at Lafe, Arkansas USA.
Best Lafe I've been to so far.
I noticed that Peterson is not in the photos at all. Did he not want to come this year, he was not invited, or did he have army obligations to tend to? Just curious since I always see him there.
Dan was not there. The word is that he attended Gulf Wars SCAdian event instead. AFAIK, nobody was uninvited.

A great scenario, and a good time was had by all. The fort/vicus is really shaping up. See some pictures and info at We were very blessed to have been able to attend this year. We had two riders to help pay for fuel, or we'd have been unable to afford the trip. Good to have friends, isn't it?