Full Version: 1st/2nd century Thracian cavalry helmet
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Thought this may be of interest, though it's Thracian it's similar enough to other cavalry helmets to be relevant to Roman cavalry helmets.
[Image: war-hemlet-brestovitsa-2.jpg]

apparantly it has battle damage too
This reminds me of the Hallaton Helmet found in Leicestershire.

I would query why it is thought to be Thracian, however; the evidence produced is that it is called so because it was found in Bulgaria.
Thrace was a client kingdom from 20 BC until it was annexed by Rome in 46 AD. If the helmet dates to this period and was found inside Thrace it might justifiably be called "Thracian". It does appear to be identical to contemporary Roman types, though the 'hair decoration' found on many Roman cavalry helmets is often described as being of Thracian origin.