Full Version: A sad day for Japan
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The earthquake and tsunami which hit Japan today were very devastating.

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My thoughts are with the Japanese now.

They're saying 8.9 now.

Looks pretty bad, and soon to be "shared" with others in the western Pacific.
First Christchurch, New Zealand now Japan. Looks like there is a bit of geological activity in the "Pacific ring of fire"
I fear the full scale of the disaster will become apparent when day breaks in Japan.


A friend in Hawai'i posted that the water receded out so far that she could see the coral reef (now exposed) below Diamond Head. Fortunately, family and friends report that the waves so far have not been destructive. However, they have been warned to remain watchful and more may be on the way.

It would seem that this geological activity is moving clockwise around the Pacific -- so, is Alaska next?

The 1994 Northridge quake was a 7.1 (downgraded to 6.7) and even though we were living several miles away in North Hollywood, it was a wild morning of flying books, frightened cats, and forcing open doors to free my daughter from her room. That said, an 8.9.... I can not even begin to imagine what that would have felt like.

The Japanese are resilient, and they have dealt with worse, but this will test them.


I would like to hope that some of the smaller and low level islands I went to such as Tuvalu, Funafuti, Tarawa, and others have not been hit so hard for six to ten foot waves would swamp them.

Gaius Decius Aquilius

There are medical relief organizations all over the place. I gave to the Imternational Medical Corps. We can all give something, even if it not much. We all mostly admire Rome. Rome seemed to have a history of giving relief more so than some. I am sure RATers would be in like spirit.

Now it seems that one reactor of a nuclear plant has exploded and the core perhaps melted down. Not good Confusedad: ...
Looks like a 2nd Tsunami is heading for the pacific coast of Japan...estimated 2-3 meter high waves...
Lucky for them, the tsunami did not materialise..

Although I admit, 'lucky' is hardly a word to use for Japan. Probably ten of thousands dead or missing, a crippled infrastructure, two nuclear plants with severe problems... :-(
If anyone wishes to find out all the info' on the problems of Japan there is a very interesting Wiki article on Google Earth, type in Tokyo move north and click the large red earth quake symbol off shore. There is a tremendous amount of information including all the latest news casts.