Full Version: \"Fields On Conflict 2011\" , Osnabrück, Germany
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....since I could not find this event mentioned here, I think I should compensate:

From what I've been reading there, this :

should be something like a military historian/archelogist's "wet dream" .
The publications out of It should be worth having. , let's see if the linking works :roll:


I will definitely have to keep a watch on the collections at Yale University when the papers are published as a collection. Yale has the published papers from previous conferences.
Hi Quinton,
....I'm severely tempted to shout "Here !! --- Me!!" ,of course--
but, alas, if I take into account this years agenda there, this would be far
more than I could swallow,-- let alone digest. That's not only as far as time is concerned -- but also probably "grey matter capacity" --- on my side, at least.Confusedad:
I also was tempted to try and register myself there and attend, but I skipped it for the same reasons, remembering what it took for me to digest last year's "Odenwaldlimes-Kolloquium" alone.:roll:

Greez & Thanks

Siggi K.