Full Version: Hallstatt, early Iron Age warriors
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Salve good gents,
I am looking for books and articles discussing the Hallstatt and early Iron Age warriors - preferably from the Balkans and Austria/Hungary/Slovakia - in contexts of reconstruction of appearance, weapons and clothing. Also anything in context of horse riding and horse tack etc.
Also anything on the confection between that group of warrior cultures and incoming Iranian Eurasian nomads, i.e. the Scythians/Skuda. I can read Spanish, Russian, English, Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Serbo-Croat; French & Italian so so, but German rather not unless text is nothing but simple titles to illustrations -Smile
Any suggestions are very welcome
do we have a section on Iron Age warriors?
I would recomment this book:

"Bunte Tuche - gleissendes Metall"

It is in German but full of good Photographs of reconstructed clothing, weapons and armour.


Andreas Gagelmann