Full Version: Tinned Montefortinos?
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I have read a reference to a tinned Montefortino helmet from Leiden. Is there evidence for other tinned Montefortinos? I'm thinking of having my Deepeeka Montefortino tinned and am wondering if it was common or very rare.
Hello John!

The helmet you mentioned must be this one:

Findspot: Nijmegen, from the Waal
Museum: Leiden, Rijksmuseum Van Oudheden Inv. N.S. 663
RAT-Database: CD04

But it is a Hagenau (Coolus D) of Augustan date.

There is another tinned example, which Robinson termed a Montefortino D. With soldered crest knob and lacking browguard it is a Montefortino/Hagenau transitional type:

Findspot: Pannerden, from the Waal
Museum: Nijmegen, Rijksmuseum G.M. Kam Inv. B.Ee. XIV.8.B.
Also of Augustan date.

A true tinned Montefortino/Buggenum (Type C)of Augustan date:

Findspot: Millingen, from the Waal
Museum: Nijmegen, Rijksmuseum G.M. Kam Inv. XXI,I,3
RAT Database: MC04

There is a pair of tinned cheekpieces from a Montefortino/Cremona type, which once belonged to the Guttmann collection (Inv. AG 548/549 H 267).
Of mid 3rd / early 2nd Century BC date.


Andreas Gagelmann
I'm not surprised that it was you who answered this question!
Interestingly, Montefortino is a town not far where I have a family home in the Marche region of Italy. The necropolis at Montefortino has turned up many of these helmets:
I hate to bring back old topics, but did anyone ever tin their Montefortino?

If so, can we see a pic?

I have not been able to find any pics of the tinned Montefortinos mentioned earlier.
Here are some pictures of tinned Montefortinos:
a pair of cheekpieces once belonging to a Montefortino/Cremona type of the mid 3rd-early 2nd C. BC (Ex-Guttmann)


From Millingen (NL), 2nd half 1st C. BC


From a private collection, Augustan date



Andreas, do you have more info of this last helmet? It's interesting!
As it is against the Forum rules to link to an auction house which sells ancient artefacts I will give here just a short description of the helmet.

The bronze tinned helmet is 34 cm high (incl cheek pieces) and the weight is 937g.
It was in an US private collection in the 80s and was sold via Hermann Historica M√ľnchen (auction 63 in October 2011, lot 1530).

That's all what is known so far.

The most interesting thing is that it confirms the use of this type of cheekpieces (Junkelmann calles them the "Augustean standard type") on different helmet types (if they really belong to this helmet!).
The single found pieces (when of bronze) could equally belong to late Montefortino, Hagenau or Weisenau/Nijmegen type.
Thanks! I find specially interesting the small tacks surrounding the cheekpieces... for attaching an inner padding? Are they seen in any other cheekpiece of this type?
I have asked Jeffrey Hildebrandt of Royal Oak Armory to tin my old Deepeeka Montefortino. Not sure when he will get to it as he has a cue. If it works out I will post pics and if it does not, I have not ruined one of my custom helmets. My Deepeeka has a good shape, but I hate the standard bright yellow brass look. I'm hoping tinning it will make it look somewhat more authentic and it will be a great discussion piece.