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If you go to and search for "Medicus" you will find the named novel. If you have a Kindle (or download the free kindle software to your PC) this book, which I thoroughly enjoyed, is *free*! Ruth Downie does an excellent job and I found the book very intriguing and pretty accurate historically. Actually, it's a good deal more accurate than most I've read.
As an added bonus, you can get the second book, "Terra Incognita", for 99 cents. I'm halfway through the second book and it's better than the first IMHO.

The main character is an army doctor, and the story lines are much more than simple mysteries. I'm a fan of this writer and will probably suck up and fork over the cash for the last two novels, "Persona Non Grata" and 'Caveat Emptor" as well.
Read the novel - it is quite all right, although the ancient feeling is rather mediocre I daresay (wished for more diving into the herbs, sicknesses and medical practices of the day), and it is a rather 'modern take' as far as 'psychology' of the characters goes etc.
Although I found this novel much better than eg 'Eagle in a Sand,' that is, in my opinion, quite shallow and with a very little 'feeling of ancient Roman world circa mid-1st century AD' (well, but for gory details of fighting and killing, sort of like Starz Spartacus series) But then 'de gustibus et coloribus non disputandum est'...