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I can't think of any bad books produced by Philipp von Zabern (unlike some British publishers), so another good one ought not to be any surprise. I have just received a copy of <em>Die Römer und ihr Erbe</em> edited by Michael J. Klein which accompanied an exhibition at the Landesmuseum at Mainz from February to May this year, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the museum. Of particular interest (to equipment buffs) are the following articles:<br>
Michael J. Klein 'Römische Helme aus dem Rhein bei Mainz' 29-42<br>
Michael J. Klein 'Römische Schwerter aus Mainz' 43-54<br>
Michael J. Klein 'Römische Dolche mit verzierten Scheiden aus dem Rhein bei Mainz' 55-70<br>
If you can't read German (and PvZ books are a good reason to start;-), you can at least look at the pictures (many of which are in colour).<br>
Mike Bishop <p></p><i></i>
Thanks for the advice on the publisher ... it seems that a great deal of Roman literature and research is carried out in German.<br>
I will look out for these publishers in future .. thanks.<br>
All the best <p>Graham Ashford
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