Full Version: Belgian soldiers in Rome during the Imperial period
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It's not really a book but an article :

- David Colling, The Belgians soldiers in Rome during the Imperial period, in L'Antiquité Classique, 79, Brussels, 2010, p. 219-240.

Abstract : The study of the integration into the Vrbs of soldiers from Gallia Belgica is based on epigraphic evidence. This article offers the edition, the French translation and the analysis of the inscriptions of the six known Belgian soldiers (four praetorians and two equites singulares Augusti), who served in the Roman garrison during the Imperial period. The information provided, in particular through onomastics and the mention of the names of divinities, makes a contribution of the study of the complex Romanization process. Favoured by the institutionalized notion of "communis patria", provincial traditions and cultures are intertwined with the way of life of the Imperial capital in a subtle alchemy revealed by epigraphy.