Full Version: A disturbing idea for a television series
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I came across this piece and found the implications quite disturbing. ... gical.html

Does anyone else know anything about this proposed series? Alternatively, does anyone know if there is any truth to the story?

I've seen it discussed somewhere before already. Not sure if it was FB or not. Looks like there might be a grain of trueth to it.
We are talking media after all! :?
Oh...GREAT! Even more hobbyist ecological vandals wandering about the fields....
I pass on this posting on a detectorist website without comment- as I'd find it difficult not to be ruder than I'd like to be about detectorists , as I'm sure there are some good guys out there as well. However. It was met with applause on the forum. Lets just say that there is a vast gulf between most of the people on RAT and the views held below...... ... 8b80f19b27

Crosby Garret Helmet
by Julian » Sun Nov 21, 2010 12:52 pm

Id just like to say well done to all involved..... from the detectorist who recovered all the helmet sections, to the conservator, to the auction house who obtained a fine price for the finder. The main focus here is :- the find has been measured, weighed photographed and probably drawn so it matters little whether such a find goes into a main national collection or indeed a private one..there is enough associated reference material now for any academic to make comparitive studies etc about this great object . Since it was outside the declarable parameters of the Treasure Act it was absolutely fine that the landowner and finder be justly rewarded...the landowner for being so kind as to grant permission and the detectorist for his painstaking (and some may say heart stopping) dedication in locating all the pieces....undoubtedly the £300,000 as if anyone can pre value such a find was perhaps more inspired and influenced by greedy officials hoping they could procure the find for such a paltry sum....tough one guys it appears not eh? So what happens now eh? well undoubtedly we all face a barrage of bleating from those who believe its should have been obtained for a lesser sum and should indeed be in a national collection And who will now set about trying to change the Treasure Act so that such a heinous "crime" cannot be repeated....The only important focal points worth considering are that its been recovered......its not going out of the UK and Im sure the new owner may consider lending it now and then for major exhibitions providing adequate insurances are given and taken. Im glad a private individual now can cherish the artefact as can we all by looking at all the information and images of it. Those who bleat constantly about where it should be stored totally miss the point that whatever its now no longer fizzing away and corroding in a field...indeed they remind me of the spoilt child at a party, who cannot bear other children to win prizes, makes no effort to join in the games, and sits in the corner whingeing and whining until its parents arrive and console it with a MacDonalds and trip to a toy shop to pacify their little angel and make up for his "traumatic real-life experience" .I just hope this Government do not act as the consoling parents to this whingeing group....Museums are stuffed to seam splitting point with enough objects, its just this dinosaur like attitude that the common people should never even be allowed to find their own heritage let alone sell it for profit. They may deny that attitude..... but finding objects used to be pretty much an exclusive career (and dont tell me that these exclusive careers didnt sell finds back then as they still do today)...and now its not so they get galled about it...One rule for some and another for us eh?.....many of us dont sell things...but the choice to do so is a democratic right...something that should be deeply considered by our critics...many of whom never get off their fat swollen at tax payers expense backsides, and who amazingly make little to absolutely no effort to to recover our heritage themselves...and yet appoint themselves as self-elected custodians to tell us all what to do......with our bloody finds!!!! Well done that man for finding this remarkable object.....Jules
There isn't a "smiley" for grinding of teeth!!!