Full Version: New Osprey Teutoberg Forest AD 9 : Jan 2011
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Written by Mike McNally and illustrated by Peter Dennis
[Image: 9781846035814.JPG]

Heres are some other illustrations by Peter Dennis
[Image: veterans-preview-art_web3.gif]
[Image: auxiliaries_wallpaper.jpg]
[Image: ancient-britons_box_front_web.jpg]
[Image: 2583035223_0d6c361089.jpg]
Might be worth a gander....
Thanks for the heads up, Caballo. I've ordered it already.

How will it compare to our very own AW special on the subject, I wonder? Big Grin
Quote:Heres are some other illustrations by Peter Dennis ... Birdoswald
I love the Dark Age hall at Birdoswald -- I wonder which publication it's taken from. Does anyone know?
An Osprey with the rather iffy title of "Arthurian Forts" or some such.
Looks like another book to add to the collection!