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We found a place close to this too, any other written piece

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No clue what that is. Is it on stone, or what?
extracted from the soil under the stone on the article,I sent the other picture was written near the stone
Written on what? It resembles some "magical amulet" renderings I've seen. Did you draw this from something you found, or was the pictogram something found in the ground?
we did not do it ourselves, by looking at the stone under the earth, we find we have drawn the same, the original stone has lost another friend
What I am interested in is where are you finding these items?
We have removed these items from the grave, in the village of turkey-gumushane/kürtün/bey field
Don't you have local experts, like a state archaeology unit, or a museum, or a university, who could properly interpret these finds for you?
Quote: the original stone has lost another friend
That is very, very sad. Cry
Do your experts know you are digging up graves and removing artifacts? If not, what you're advertising may not be legal, and if that's true, you ought to be advised that is not welcome here.

So what's the situation? Legal or illegal excavations?
illegal excavations
We do not support illegal excavations on this forum.