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This is one of my favourite books about the Leader and Commander Spartacus, but in this short preview I will try to recommended to you another wonderful and quality book which depict Spartacus as the son of his nation and a great leader of slaves revolution in Rome I century BC.
This luxury book “SPARTACUS the Son of Ancient Thrace” written by authors: Associate Professor Plamen Pavlov & Stanimir Dimitrov, contains more then 161 pages.[attachment=4:3qwgh1oe]<!-- ia4 IMG_4239.JPG<!-- ia4 [/attachment:3qwgh1oe]
Language: Bulgarian & English
Resume in Italian language
I don’t intend to bring your attention to the event of uprising and all the battles and events during the fights between Spartacus and Roman Empire, but just to some of pages which in light the background of Spartacus and his nation.
Two lines from (Instead of Preface)
Bulgarians are a freedom-loving nation.
Spartacus….Although back in those days Bulgaria was called Thrace he was one of our Bulgarian nation.
“Today, Thracia and Dacia, former provinces of the Roman Empire, are integral parts of a union that is not an empire…”
(From the message of greetings of European Parliament President Josep Borrell at the rally in Sofia to celebrate the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the European Union-1 January 2007)
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The Thracians were formed as an ethnos during the firs of the third and in the second Millennium BC,and they are the oldest historically verified inhabitants of the present Bulgarian land.
“… was precisely in Bulgaria that the “civilization of the oldest processed gold in the world” was revealed in the famous necropolis near Varna….”
Hope you’ll like this book!
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