Full Version: Merchants selling at events - no plastic bags!
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Here an interesting problem. You have merchants selling various items at events including food and liquids. Using plastic or paper bags for purchases does not work well with the period.
Buyers will not usually bring there own shopping basket, cloth bags, or liquid containers. How do you give them something period looking to take their purchases in without cost
too much in relation to item cost? Example $2.00 worth of olive oil in a $40.00 Roman reproduction glass bottle.
Therefore we most time have a 'market' separated from the re-enactment area. And of course there are Roman replica merchants who do their presentation in Roman style, so they can be on the edge between market en re-enactment encampments.
I was looking for "Bagging' suggestions for "Roman Style" merchants who if selling anything out of period keep it hidden from sight. Merchants that are more selling as a reenactment rather than for profit and sacrificing sales for authenticity.
Hmm that sounds more like a problem from the other side of the pond(Atlantic) have not seen that here at events in Germany.
As those that wish for plastic bags usually buy their stuff in a museums shop and not at a event, as far as I have seen it.