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Fashion Fabrics Club is having a sale on some of their coating fabric (example), I was thinking it might make nice fabric for cloaks. Also, what is the general opinion on fabrics that have two colors, like this and this? I wonder mainly because a very large amount of the coating fabric is striped that way.
These are all twill weave, and would probably work ok for a cloak, but for a military tunic, maybe not so well. Of the three, in my opinion, the first would be the best, the second might be my next choice, but I probably wouldn't choose the third, as it looks more modern than ancient.
Yeah, right now I am just looking for cloak fabric, I have two tunics finished (the green and natural linen ones), plus enough linen to make another and two chitons.

Also, I found another solid color, but it looks so fuzzy that I cannot tell what weave it is. (URL)
I did some searching of the forum, and it seems a "brown yellow" has been repeatedly suggested as being one of the more common colors of cloak. Is this color anything close to correct? The main thing that concerns me is the description of "solid deep yellow."
the yellowish color is very likely the color of natural wool without having had the lanolin removed. This would make the cloak fairly waterproof, as well as warm.

Since it's a custom spinning job to get people to make wool yarn "in the grease", that is, with lanolin still in, pretty much nobody has that kind of fabric. Then it would also be a custom weave, and I'm not sure that wool in the grease can be woven in automatic looms. So it's a hand weave job, too. The price would be incredible. The wool you've found is as close as I've seen to the natural wool color. I'd go with that and not worry about it. Good find. It's not as thick as real cloak wool, most likely, but we don't have to live outdoors in all weather in our gear: they did.
Quote:I did some searching of the forum, and it seems a "brown yellow" has been repeatedly suggested as being one of the more common colors of cloak. Is this color anything close to correct? The main thing that concerns me is the description of "solid deep yellow."

I try to aim for some sort of caramel color. It ain't easy to find! We have all manner of browns and grays in Legio XX.

Well I finally ordered some of that fabric after numerous issues with my internet connection constantly timing out. I actually did not think of this before, but presumably is a sagum type cloak an accurate cloak for my purposes?
Unless you're a very early Roman, a sagum should be just fine, and don't forget it was a blanket when needed, too.
Finally got my wool. The yellow is not quite "caramel", but it's a tan-ish yellow. It's quite nice, doesn't match up the itchy, rough view people seem to have regarding wool. Should be done washing, ironing, and sewing up the ends soon, meaning now I need to start looking more at shoe patterns, leather, and perhaps some kind of sling bullet pouch.
Good wool is not very itchy. Second cuts mean shorter fibers, more ends sticking out of the yarn, and scratchier fabric. Old US Army blankets were that kind of itchy. The newer ones are about the same color, but lighter and softer, and--warmer. so there ya go. Keep us posted.

You now have the full attention of the Eye of RAT.
Recently I ordered some leather from, but I have not received any shipment information, nor has my card been charged. I did get an order confirmation email about a week ago, but nothing since. I emailed their support email three days ago, but I have not received a response. I am somewhat concerned, but I believe I remember someone saying they have used Leather Unlimited in the past. Do orders normally take a long time to ship? Is there perhaps a stock issue, or another problem that I may have not foreseen?
I mainly just want to make sure I have not overlooked any reason I may be having this issue before I figure out my next step here.

EDIT: I emailed them again earlier today when I realized I never provided the order number in my first email! How silly of me. I got a response and the items are simply out of stock.
I have been considering making some ancient coins. I think I know how I am going to make the dies, but I need a source for tin. McMaster has some tin, but it is pretty expensive for the amount I would be getting. is the cheapest source I have found, but I have not seen a huge amount of feedback for it.
Anyone know of any good sources for tin, other than solder? (Pure tin solder that I have seen is about 30 USD a pound, a bit expensive.)
Hi! I've got a sling impression beside my Auxiliary spearman impression.
Although i think it's nonsense, i based it on the picture on Trajans collumn.
Just for fun:
Looks good to me...where do you carry your sling ammuniton?
It's been a while, and I've made varying levels of progress on certain things. I'm looking into some local reenactment groups, the ones suggested earlier indeed seem the be the closest. I don't know if I will be able to join yet or not, as traveling out of state is hard at the moment even if it's only once or twice a year, but I will probably end up joining a group some time in the next year or two.

Thanks for everyone's help, I've used the information provided by others for just about everything I have made, and it is very much appreciated. I will try and get some pictures of my progress so far up this week.

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