Full Version: looking for articles about pugiones\' metallography
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hello everybody,
I'm looking for some issues about the pugiones' metallography study. I know it's a wild-goose but RAT is indeed the best place to attempt.

Well, I'm looking for
- "Ein Römischer Prunkdolch aus Haltern" H. Westphal 1995
- "Metallkundliche Untersuchungen an Klingen von zwei römischen Dolchen"-D. Horstmann

however, anything else on that subject (above all if in english) would be very appreciate.

many thanks and .... here in Italy we say " a buon rendere" which +/- means " up to now thank you , but when you will need my help just contact me" :wink:
Christian is probably the one most likely to have access to these articles. He has certainly mentioned the metalurgy of pugios here in the past. To be honest, I would like to see the articles as well. My German is not very good but I am happy to labour for hours and days with Larousse if it means I can learn more about this aspect of what is, after all, my specialist subject.

well, so I hope Christian will help us.
Crispus, can you suggest some else interesting issues about metallurgy of pugiones?
send me you emailadresses via pm
sent; thank you Christian.
Also sent. Thanks.

You should have gotten an Email.
I would like the article too Christian!

Tongue i think you might already have my email.

Btw, i heard some pugiones, as well as gladii were "damascene" forged.. as in pattern welded.

do you know if this is correct?