Full Version: Healam Bridge
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The BBC are carrying the story about the Roman 'industrial estate' at Healam Bridge explored during the current upgrade to the A1 in North Yorkshire. As the article hints (a little confusingly) it is thought to be the vicus of a fort at Healam Bridge (which the road has been diverted to avoid). I have to declare an interest in this as I am dealing with the smallfinds from it and visited it during the excavations. The link to the (OMG, 'disappeared'!) Ninth Legion is, to put it politely, speculative ;-) )

Mike Bishop
"Experts said there was also an indication that the Roman occupants may have worn socks"

What a surprise! On a more serious note, where were the fibre impressions? Were they on a nail point originally flattened or rounded on a last or did the original owner suffer from extremely sore foot soles most of the time? Alternatively, if they are on the bottom of the hobnail, what other evidence suggests that they may be related to socks?

Are there any other interesting things you can tell about the finds at this stage?

Would the measurements of the horse skelleton be available at all please??? (hardly a small find I know...)