Full Version: Caesar versus Ariovistus
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Some friends of mine were on a hiking tour in the Elsace, and took some photos at the site that Kromayer and Veith believed to be the place where Caesar defeated Ariovistus. My friends took several photos, including two of something that looks a lot like the remains of an agger (for which I will check K&V next week).

I'm too occupied with other things to be able to make all photos available, because this needs creating a new page, designing a map, and some other work, but you may find this one interesting already:
[Image: colmar_zellenberg1_fw.jpg]
The hill in the background (village called Zellenberg) is believed to have been Ariovistus' camp; the photo is taken from Caesar's left wing. Google Maps here. The road from Colmar to the north is nowadays called "Route des Romains", so at least some local patriots are convinced that it all happened over here.

I also received, earlier this week, several photos from a U.S. officer stationed in Afghanistan, who had been in Herat, a.k.a. Alexandria in Aria. Photos here; expression of gratitude there.
Very interesting. I waswondering if there were any remains of his occupation.
Thanks for posting that.
Quote:Very interesting.
With your nickname, you should be interested! :wink:
Quote:I was wondering if there were any remains of his occupation.
My friend took photos of some kind of ditch + agger, more or less where K&V believed the camp to be. It's pretty impressive, so I will visit the library to check whether Kromayer and Veith have seen it. It must have been even more impressive in their days.
Fascinating! I one day hope to visit this region myself :mrgreen:
Here is the new web page.