Full Version: A Roman fort discovered S of Norwich?
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Does anyone know about the discovery of a Roman fort around Norwich....
I just heard this, from someone who read it the local press there recently.
Will try and find more details. ... rTown.aspx

Right, this is the place mentioned by my colegue.
Seems to be the tribal home of Boudicca?
Ixworth is nowhere near Norwich Byron. Wrong county! It's near to Bury St. Ednmunds in West Suffolk. About 40 minutes from where I live.

Insteresting that they have found evidence of a fort as it would be on the same road heading west as 'Combretovivm' at modern Balham. (Now the A14)
Well, I'll have to quiz him again, but funny how I found a roman fort anyway with the wrong info in google lol

Right I've posted the link to the correct place, but i don't see any mention of the Roman fort he spoke of.
Do any of you have any information on this. He said Timeteam have dug there, but nothing relevant can I find in a search.