Full Version: D\'Amato book error? Spanish translation needed to compare
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I was looking through the book Arms and Armour of the Imperial Roman Soldier specifically page 42 where there is a Bronze curiass.

Interestingly enough, D'Amato states that the pictured curiass is one of the few Roman imperial era musculatas. There are a few? Where are they? I'd really like to see how different they are from the Greek ones.

Also it says on pg 42 that the armor is from the 1-3rd C AD. However, if you take a lens and carefully look at the paper cation from the museum in front of the curiass on the top right of the page, it reads something different. Now, I am not an expert in Spanish but if I use my Italian and translate I come up with the following:

Spanish: "Pectoral de coraza de bronce N.R.E8.600. Epoca griega Siglo V-IV a.c Cueva Submarina del Jarro Alumnecar, Granada."
Translation (?): pectoral from a curiass of bronze (then item number). Era greek, century V-IV a.c. (In Italian a.c. means in front of Chirst d.c. means after Christ: a.c. avanti christo__ d.c. dopo christo). Then it proceeds with the find.

If I am translating correctly then there is a huge error in the dates and if it is Greek or Roman. According to D'Amato it is Roman in the AD in the caption it is Greek in the BC by several hundred years.

Any help would be appreciated
Your translation is correct. Also that a.C. means antes de Jesucristo (before Christ)
just to confuse me some more, of course...... :wink: