Full Version: reliefs of Roman swords
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Images from Turkey ...?zmir city
Roman sword, so I see this forum i wanted to share with you.
commander of a Roman sword, a relief to me that the grave symbol.
What is your opinion about this?
Thank you.

[Image: 35krj1x.jpg]

[Image: fb01s7.jpg]

[Image: xgcn0k.jpg]
They have long hilts - they look more like daggers to me.
You know you better.
daggers or dagger, this relief, you have done is Romans?
Is there such a dagger blistering example?
The first time I saw and I wanted to ask you.
A friend said no such relief.
Roman also said no other.
dagger said natural occurrence in this picture.
only analogy he said.
but I am thinking that a dagger in relief.
I appreciate that if you get your ideas.
best regards.
Hi All,

Making the assumption that this is *not* just a chance weathering of the stone surface, and is an actual sculptured image, i think that it looks much more like a Bronze Age dagger than anything Roman.

I notice that someone has cleared away the lichen at the boundary of the dagger image. It's also possible they "helped" a natural image appear in higher relief than it originally was.

That said, it doesn't look like a natural image, but all sorts of things can be seen in weathered rocks (as in Jackson Pollock paintings). :wink:
If this is not etched.
photoshop or natural.
Now I am starting to think this way.
previously thought and continued up a real relief.
Thank you for your comments. Smile