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I recently went on a trip across New York with a road map, and I kept coming across a lot of towns with familiar names. In my state alone we have towns named:
- Rome
- Romulus
- Pompey
- Scipioville
- Cincinnatus
- Cato
- Camillus
- Cicero
- Sempronius
- Ovid
- Virgil
- Fabius
- Manlius
- Constantia
- Ravena

We also have:
- Carthage
- Hannibal
- Tyre
- Utica
- Cadiz
- Tripoli
- Syracuse (of course)
- Macedon
- Lysander
- Euclid
- Palmyra
- Egypt
- Memphis
- Alexandria
- Homer
- Mycenae
- Troy
- Ilion
- Hector

The archaeological remains aren't much to write home about though :?
Interesting list...

But why Scipio"ville" I wonder? Were they too PC even back then to add the Africanus I wonder? Big Grin
Something tells me it wasn't anything to do with being "PC" that kept early Americans from putting the word "Africa" in one of their towns :wink: :mrgreen:
Forgot Ithaca! I liked it there.

Gaius Decius Aquilius

And we have, off the top of my head:

House (I think thre is still one there)
Stinking Creek
(Expletive deleted) Bill Springs
(Expletive deleted) Arroyo
Drunken (Expletive deleted)
(Expletive) in the singular

The U.S.G.S. did do some cleanup in 1915.

Thre are also a few place names that got their name from events:
Massacre Creek (Apache ambush of the 10th Cavalry)
Skeleton Creek
Hanging Man Canyon
No Good Times Hacienda
Trail of Tears (Navajo incident, not to be confuse by another of the same name, also known as The Long Walk)
Jornada Del Muerto (Journey of Death)
Rio Puerco (River of the Pig) shortened from the original, River of the Dirty Pig. No pigs are found in the area, however.
Los Pistoleros (The pistol carriers)
The Ladrones Mountains (The Bandits/Footpad Mountains)

Also, various names in Spanish that translate into terms not allowed on this site.

The Clint Eastwood 'Man With No Name' trilogy uses local place names and is set here. It was filmed in Spain, but looks like most of the state. Made me homesick when I saw these while I was in the Army.

No Rome, or any classical terms that come to mind...

Ya'll come visit now, ya hear?

New Mexico sounds very jolly...for a visit! Big Grin

I live very near Blandford Forum. I have Dorchester to the south and Old Sarum to the north and Roman roads everywhere...there is Maiden Castle and Barbury Rings not too far either...and the dreaded Cerne Abbas Giant

The I have places nearby are:

Milton Abbas

Gussage St Michael (?!)

Bere Regis

Shitterton (??!!)

Tollard Royal

Sixpenny Handley just trip over history all of the time and I very rarely even notice it!
Place names remind us that most every stone in England is historic. Naming conventions of other European countries seem not quite so descriptive, though some are certainly picturesque,
Quote:Tollard Royal
Ah ... spent many a pleasant evening in the King John while excavating on Cranborne Chase when I was a nipper.
Vindex:os6rdjqm Wrote:Tollard Royal
Ah ... spent many a pleasant evening in the King John while excavating on Cranborne Chase when I was a nipper.

It's a bit of a Gastro-Pub these days, but the beer is still as good I am sure!