Full Version: Just "one or two more links" for the "resources file"
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...while "surfin' da net" I ran into these interesting websites.
In German -- but there's pics -- and pics do tell more ...... :mrgreen: .....I guess you got it .....
Most part of this is interesting for the folks who always would have liked to know more about that "tegula , imbrex 'n later"-stuff but where afraid to ask.
(Those of use who are a bit more "in the know" about chemistry will also get a little more smile on their faces when reading one essay especially!)
'N' 'ere dey a' :
[url:37s76fho][/url] (In German)
„Limesseiten“ for the "limes-folks" and
[url:37s76fho][/url](In German) and
(Attn.: 4th link is broken!)
[url:37s76fho][/url](in German)
Geochemically analyzed bricks/tiles from a late-antique military brickyard at Worms.
Through using only short descriptions with mostly Latin technical terms and chemical standard abbreviations this could be understandable fon non-german-speaking individuals, too.
And of course there's more for those who thoroughly ruined their lives by learning (High) German. :mrgreen:
Of more general interest:
Society for natural-scientific Archeology (Archeometry) (In German, but their Newsletter also lists
contacts in foreign countries/institutes/universities.
...have a nice weekend y'all ! Smile