Full Version: spatha handling?
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Hello, I am new around here.

I have been lurking around a couple of sword forum, looking for clues for the weight and handling of Roman spatha. It seems to be that for a production spatha made by Deepeeka seems to be rather heavy in weight (and the forward balance does not help much). On the other hand when I looked at a next generation roman spatha made by Albion, their spatha weighs a little over 1.5 pound, which seems pretty light considered that the Albion spatha weights as much as their gladius. Even though Albion has a reputation for making weapons that are historically accurate in handling, it seems a little off to me. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that to get in order for the sword to be light, the sword has to have a significant distal taper and has to be relatively thin.

My question is, are spatha suppose to rather light and have good handling? If available, where could I get more information regarding handling and balance of Roman weapons?
Having seen the spatha in the Edinburgh Museum, I can say that it is very thin bladed, albeit with a few years corrosion taken into account...
I also have one of Albions new spatha, and cannot fault its handling characteristics. Smile
It and their gladii handle ideally. As for source info, one of the developers from Albion is a member of this forum, and perhaps could be said to be an expert on the study of sword handling charateristics. He would certainly be a good source of info, if anyone is. 8)