Full Version: The Olympian, by E.S. Kraay
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Has anyone read 'The Olympian' by E.S. (Gene) Kraay?

'The Olympian' tells the story of the battle at Thermopylae through the eyes of an Olympic boxer: Theagenes and the poet: Simonides, a fictional novel depicting historical characters and events of course, however it is nice sometimes to take a break from serious study and to simply be entertained.

Molon Labe!
No, but I did read Gates of Fire many years ago.... Smile
If you liked 'Gates of Fire' then you would probably enjoy 'The Olympian'.
It re-kindled my interest in ancient history and my greek heritage.
I'll look out for this one!
I have pasted the link to 'The Olympian' home page below. The storyline centers around the Olympic games which coincided with the Persian invasion of 480bc.
Sorry everyone,

I realize this is not a topic relevant to Greek re-enactment & reconstruction, I had just finished reading this book for the third time and was curious to know if anybody else had enjoyed it as much as I.
Very true... :wink: But I'm sure if you ask the Mods politely, they will shift this to the correct thread.
For those interested 'The Olympian' is now available for the Kindle reader. 8)