Full Version: New book on Roman Nijmegen, "home" of Legio X Gemina
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There is a new English book out on the history of Roman Nijmegen / Noviomagus, the legionary fortress of the Legio X Gemina.

"VLPIA NOVIOMAGVS – ROMAN NIJMEGEN. THE BATAVIAN CAPITAL AT THE IMPERIAL FRONTIER, by W.J. H. Willems and H. van Enckevort. At last a full account in English of Roman Nijmegen including its forts, with additional contributions by specialists and 26 colour illustrations."

The book can be ordered through the website Journal of Archeology

This website also shows the table of content:

For those visiting the Roman Festival in Nijmegen on 19 and 20 th of june, the book can be had at the stand of Museum het Valkhof, they have a number of copies with them and that saves postage Big Grin I have already ordered my own, as it is a limited edition and the Dutch one is already gone.
That is very good news!!
Thanks Robert, guess I had better grab one before they are all gone.
Hi Robert, is this the english translation of the Roman part of the 'geschiendenis van Nijmegen' published in 2005? If not, I think I've to get a copy before it is gone.
Hi Jurjen,

I have asked, and indeed it is the English translation, but without the pre-historie and supplemented with further findings and observations done after 2004. So I am well pleased with this "Roman" edition and hope it will contain some additional stuff. As I am getting one anyway, will be glad to share!