Full Version: ROMEC XVII
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Held in Zagreb, it was good fun and the organisers put on a good event. One of the highlights was the exhibition of Roman Military Equipment from Croatia mounted in the Archaeological Museum (which has a good bar in the lapidarium!) - this included a new gladius from Ilok, just back from conservation. A sumptuous catalogue was published to mark the event, details of which I am going to pass on to Oxbow, as it deserves to be more widely known. Work is under way to produce a full archaeological catalogue (with drawings) along the lines of the Sisak volume for all of this material, the present book containing colour photos of everything.

Given the theme of the conference, there were a lot of stiffs showing up on the screen, my favourite being the guy with the huge semi-cylindrical shield (the binding around the edge was intact, although the organics had gone and the boss been ploughed away - it reached from the top of his head to his knees!). Also interesting was the funeral pyre found at Gamzigrad near the palace and thought to be that of Gallienus' effigy (rather than the man himself) but it did yield a complete mail shirt - the excavator was careful not to say it was the emperor's. There were more swords than you could shake a stick at, tombstones a-plenty, and a book stall that threatened everybody's baggage allowances. The posters were particularly impressive.

An excursion down to Tilurium and Burnum showed off the new visitor facilities and museums there and a display by 'gladiators' and their military escorts (all students from Zadar) at the latter was, to say the least, interesting ;-) ) Trust me, these guys could pout an enemy to death... and as for the drumming... !!!

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It is hoped the proceedings will be published in 2011 and the next ROMEC is being planned for Copenhagen for 2013. For those of you awaiting details of JRMES 14/15 and 16 and the establishment of ARMES, news follows soon.

Mike Bishop