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are these right arrow heads? I've never seen them before, at least NOT in the Roman era. and have searched for it in Bishop & Coulston's Roman military equipment but did not find it.

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[Image: 529_0.jpg]

Pfeilspitze aus Eisen. Wurden entgegen des Namens hauptsächlich zur Jagd auf Großwild und auch im Krieg verwendet. Durch die Form führte auch ein nicht sofort tödlicher Treffer meist zum Tode durch verbluten. ø Tülle ca. 0,8 - 0,9 cm. Ca. 4,3 cm lang. 1 Stück
i have a question regarding this one too. it appears to me that the cage of the fire arrowhead in B&C's Roman Military Equipment has 3 'sticks' while this one has 4. is this right?

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[Image: 527_0.jpg]

Pfeilspitze aus Eisen, ca. 10,5 cm lang, Tüllendurchmesser innen ca. 9 mm. 1 Stück
I understand the top arrow headsto be a bird hunting head, but could be wrong.
Apart from that I cannot recall if they were in use that far back offhand.
You can find both of these models and more at [url:4d9pmysg][/url].
Hungarian Bowyer that specializes in steppe paraphernalia.
I have had a look at the website collection of arrowheads and have not found any to resemble Roman military arrowheads with the exception of the two socketed bodkins, although the heavy bodkin has a head too small. I have visited Xanten museum, who have an excellent and extensive collection of arrowheads on display. They are extremely difficult to fotograph, though Sad . Saalburg also has a good display of military arrowheads. Museum het Valkhof has only one Roman arrowhead on display ( a tanged trilobate, like the ones I peddle) BUT is well worth visiting for all you coming over for the Roman Festival next weekend for its extensive glass and domestic goods. Good spearpoints and some excellent lockets, too.