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"Cesar" seems to be somewhat common in Mexico, and "Augustus" crops up in European royalty, but I really liked this one:

Quote: Julia Caesar
Programmes - BBC News 24 -
Prior to her appointment at the BBC, Julia was working as a European Markets Reporter for CNBC Europe. Julia also studied Law and Economics and attained a business management qualification.

It doesn't mention if she is married to a Pompey, though. Confusedhock:
What to think of this member of the German Bundestag, Cajus Julius Caesar?
Classical revival names were quite popular in early 19th century America, thus we had Ulysses S. Grant, Leonidas Polk and Cassius Marcellus Clay (whose descendant took up boxing and changed his name to Muhammad Ali). They are still popular in France, thus all those Frenchmen named Achille, Hercule, Marc-Antoine, Jules Cesar and so forth.
I guess in most Romance-speaking countries Roman names are popular.

Italian: Giulio/Giulia, Claudio/Claudia, Remo, Cesare/Cesarina, Adriano/Adriana, Emili(an)o/Emilia, Flavio/Flavia, etc.

I can make a longer list of Romanian names: Iuliu/Iulia, Liviu/Livia, Virgil, Tiberiu, Traian, Remus, Romulus, Claudiu/Claudia, Cezar/Cezara, Aurel/Aurelia, Titus, Septimiu, Adrian/Adriana, Cornel(iu)/Cornelia, Augustin/August(in)a, Felix/Felicia, Flaviu/Flavia, Hora?iu, Iustin/Iustina, Constantin/Constantina, Lucian/Lucia(na), Marius, Octav(ian)/Octavia, Sabin/Sabina, Emil(ian)/Emilia, Silviu/Silvia, Valer(iu)/Valeria, Victor/Victoria, Fabian/Fabia(na), and many more.
In Greece we have:

Roman examples
Antonios (Antony), Konstantinos (Constantinus), Markos (Marcus)

Ioulia (Julia), Loukia (Lucia), Konstantina-Konstantia,

The Ancient Greek examples though are endless in the linage as children customarily bear the grandparents names

Kind regards
I attended college with a guy named Agamemnon Despopoulos (Ag for short).
A friend of mine his name is Antony Livius.
Quote:A friend of mine his name is Antony Livius.
Livius is not a common family name here in Holland. I suddenly remember a teacher named Livius, who called his son... Titus. So, there must be a Titus Livius somewhere in the Netherlands. Funny, my website has a similar name, but I never thought of that in more than thirty years.
The fun thing is I know this lad from the Museumpark Orientalis (former Biblical Open air museum) were he was re-enacting Roman civilian.
There are a lot of roman names in Spanish, Marco, Antonio, Julio, Augusto, Emilio, Eugenio, Evaristo, etc... are quite common, but there are other less common like Cecilio or Cayo. I even knew a teacher called Vespasiano

Other names like Alfonso, Rodrigo, etc came from visigothics
Friends of mine named thair daugther Vesta...
I remember a woman who called her daughter Medea, after the hysterical child-murdering heroine. The mother had decided that Medea was in fact a misunderstood symbol of ancient feminism. That may or may not be true, but the daughter will forever have to express her mother's political convictions. Every time she introduces herself, she will have to explain "my mother is a feminist and in her view, Euripides' horror story has to be read as symbolic opposition against male repression".

There's nothing wrong with feminism, on the contrary, but no parent has the right to force his or her child to continue a particular political struggle. Poor girl. One of the articles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child guarantees that children have a right to have a name, but obviously, names can be used as instruments of repression too.
In the UK, Felix is not that uncommon, for boys or girls. In fact, if our second baby had been a boy, that would have been his name. Ditto Rufus - think Loudon Wainwright's son, and Rufus Sewell the actor. Julia is a common girls' name, but Julius is rare. I know of at least one baby called Milo too, although the father had no idea that it was a Roman name, or that one of the original people with that name was responsible for rioting and mayhem throughout Rome in the 1st C. BC!
Quote:Friends of mine named thair daugther Vesta...
I misread that for Vespa... :wink:
Quote:Julia is a common girls' name, but Julius is rare.
On the other hand, Julian is a very common male name.
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