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As I hope to visit Andalusia next year, I am looking for a good archaeological travel guide. The stress is on archaeology; I need maps of sites. Which books are the best? (I can understand Spanish if I read it slowly.)
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I use the 60CSx GPS from Garmin. The software is very good (added cost). It will take you to Carteia ( the first) and Italica (where you could take pictures of Roman Villas.)
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Quote:I am looking for a good archaeological travel guide.
Please let us know if you find one, Jona.

As far as I know, there is a book about it: Arqueological guide of Spain, from James M. Anderson (in spanish: Ed. Alianza)

But specifically from Andalusia, can't tell you. I know several places there, Italica (Seville) Baelo Claudio (Cádiz) Acinipo (Ronda la Vieja) Carteia (Cádiz) Corduba (Córdoba) Munigua (Seville)...

Try also in the websites of some museums, sometimes they can arrange a touristic visit to certain sites.

Good luck!
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I got it! Thanks. Very useful, those sights and museums to see. That's something now dealt with most adequately, and to some extent, it is better than the book I was looking for. Yet, does someone know a book?
Alexandre de Laborde: Voyage historique et pittoresque en Espagne, 4 volumes, 1807

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have a look to the official website of Andalucia region: (link to the different museums in Andalucia).

In you can find all the information related to the activities, culture, agenda of the region.

Hoe can help

Quote:have a look to the official website of Andalucia region:
And Merida. It is in EStremadura, near of Andalucia, about 1'5 hours with car from Seville. It is a wonderful museum with a great roman theatre.