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Avete, omnes!<br>
While perusing one of my favorite humor/satire sites, I came across this.<br>
Quote:</em></strong><hr>Mel Gibson is looking to do another historical blockbuster about killing Englishman. This time the setting is the 100 Years War, but America will be replacing France in the conflict. The project was described by the studio as a "history action thriller romance" geared towards male audiences aged 5-18. Some history purists voiced displeasure when hearing that zombies will be in the flick, but Gibson promised that the main story of the war will be told without "Hollywood revisions". Renee Zellweger also stars as Cleopatra, and Martin Lawrence has signed on to play King Edward II.<hr><br>
You know, that is just so damn funny, I figure it'll be about another 2 years before we actually <span style="font-size:large;"><span style="text-decoration:underline"><strong>do</strong></span></span> see something this bad... <p>LEG IX HSPA - COH III EXPG - CEN I HIB<br>
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"Troy" might be a close second... <p>Magnus/Matt<br>
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HA! That's bloody typical!<br>
"No Hollywood revision" and yet they plan a movie on the Hundred Years War without Napoleon!!<br>
I mean, after all, who won at Marathon, hm!<br>
And how can one possibly understand anything about the Hundred Years War without a mention of Marathon?<br>
While we're among specialists and persons of high standing here, I have a question:<br>
They did have Sherman tanks at Marathon, didn't they?<br>
And another, more metaphysical, almost theologic question:<br>
"They did have Sherman tanks at Marathon, didn't they?"<br>
Nope, sorry Antoninus, no Shermans at Marathon. The Russians wouldn't invent the tank named for their first cosmonaut for another 100 years.<br>
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John Maddox Roberts

I hear the best scene is where Darius burns thousands of American patriots alive in the Temple of Diana at Ephesus. That really makes Mel mad. It gets personal, you know? <p></p><i></i>
And THAT is when he'll whip out the blue paint and slather it on!<br>
Wendy <p></p><i></i>


Well, two recent movies stand out in the hall of historical shame: Gladiator, of course, and that flick about the Enigma code.<br>
Contrary to a good historical scenario which uses history without distortion, those two shamelessly rewrite it.<br>
In one case the British are turned into Americans. In the other a real life emperor is killed by an imaginary character.<br>
In both cases with the excuse that: "hey, it's entertainment.."<br>
I recently wrote several scenarios that I sent to some Hollywood producers. One would be a story ending with a bunch of Royal Marines planting the Union Jack atop mount Suribachi. The other one would be about the Civil War. In the end, Jeff Davis is killed by Lincoln in a duel.<br>
At the Alamo.<br>
Hey, it's entertainment!<br>
I did not receive any answer from these persons as of today.<br>
PS: The duel would be with flamethrowers.. It's more spectacular.. <p></p><i>Edited by: <A HREF=[email protected]narmytalk>Antoninus Lucretius</A> <IMG HEIGHT=10 WIDTH=10 SRC="http://localhost:1094/Homesteads/_1750094854/files/Cesar_triste.jpg" BORDER=0> at: 7/14/03 5:28 pm<br></i>
I know why they didn't buy your Civil War scenairo,Antoninus. You're missing the 10 minute chase scene before the duel. The one where Jeff chases Abe on horseback through a small town, scattering pedestrians and fruit stands along the way. At the end of the chase Abe leaps off his horse just before it careens over a cliff and explodes on impact at the bottom. (Or explodes slightly before impact if your special effects team aren't quite on the ball)<br>
Wendy <p></p><i></i>