Full Version: Temples inside forts
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Aardenburg was a Roman fort, built in the late 170s to protect what is now called Flanders against pirates. There is some evidence, however, that pretty soon after the castellum's construction, the Romans concentrated their forces in Oudenburg. The site appears to have been taken over by citizens, who settled within the walls. One of the pieces of evidence to prove this, is the construction of a temple within the fort.

That is what they say and it seems plausible to me. Yet, because it's no use being certain when you can check, I was wondering whether there are perhaps forts with temples. (I am not discussing the sanctuary of the standards; in Aardenburg, a real temple was excavated.)
Hi Jona,

The castra praetoriae in Rome seems to have had a temple for Mars. But their camp is not what you could call a typical Roman fort or fortress.

Quote:I was wondering whether there are perhaps forts with temples.
There is no fort known to me, which has a temple inside the ramparts. The classic examples of "military" temples (e.g. Mithraeum at Saalburg, Mars temple at Eining, Mithraeum at Carrawburgh, Antenociticus temple at Benwell, ...) all lie beyond the ramparts of the associated fort. Consequently, the find of an altar to Jupiter Dolichenus inside the fort at Vindolanda last year occasioned surprise:
Well, that seems to settle the case, doesn't it? Thanks for the answers!