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Does anyone have photos of capricorn depictions especially in frescoes. I would prefer any from the 1st C AD but other photos are most welcome as well.

I would like to paint a capircorn on an object that I am making and would like a guide. Logically, the most realistic colors would be those of an ordinary goat paired with a a bluish/gray fish tail with scales.

I think its best to go with actual evidence if possible. Some mosaics of capricorns are not "realisitc" in color since they are made of different element in line patterns. Frescoes on the other hand represent something more of what they thought to be natural; an outdoor scene with animals.

Again I do not think that painting an actual goat with an actual tail of a fish if "wrong" since that is what I think they would have done but again, evidence is the best.

Thanks in advance.

Ross Cowan

What's the story behind the "fish-goat"? Mergoat? How did--?
Thanks for the pictures. However, I was looking for some color paintings to show the actual colors the Romans used.
I don't know if this will be of any help in the way of style it's just a one I made in brass some time ago.
Brian, that is a nice capricorn.

However, as stated earlier, I need something with color perhaps a frescoe.

I want to paint a capricorn on my Vexillum and would like to use the colors the Romans would have used to represent a capricorn in art.
I have to admit that the one I did was based upon a type from a mosaic, can't realy think of any frescos but will post if I do find one.
Thanks Brian,

I appreciate it.
Quote:What's the story behind the "fish-goat"? Mergoat? How did--?
I am no mythology expert, David. But it seems that the sea-goat was long-established as a mythological creature before the Romans. I read something about the god Pan, submerged in the River Nile, disguising himself as a goat above water and a fish below the waterline. But I cannot substantiate this. In particular, Robert Graves' lengthy treatise on Greek Myths -- usually a good place for obscure references -- has nothing about a sea-goat.
This is a capricorn vexillum I painted for our Society..

[Image: DSCF1832.jpg]
Quote:This is a capricorn vexillum I painted for our Society..
Nice job, Adrian. (Pity we didn't still have karma, kudos, or laudes: you'd have one of each from me!)
Thanks Adrian,

That looks very nice. Did you deduce the colors based on what a goat and a fish would look like or did you have some original source where you obtained the colors.
No, colour references - just what I thought would contrast with the red fabric best!
Well Adrian,

I have to agree and will probably do the same thing.