Full Version: Ancient Greek Makeover
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Sally Pointer’s Roman Makeover page gets a lot of traffic from Roman re-enactors and rightly so. See: [urlConfusedpn8mfai][/url]
However, one area that seems to have been neglected in the past is decent material on Greek women's appearance.

Addressing that in part is The Caryatid Hairstyling Project. Project, spearheaded by Dr. Katherine Schwab, was conducted at Fairfield University in April, 2009. The project tested the reality or fantasy of these hairstyles by engaging student volunteers as models while a professional hairstylist recreated the individual hairstyles of the Erechtheion marble Caryatids or maidens (korai), which stand in place of columns in the South Porch. The Project confirms that the marble Caryatids were closely modeled after real women. On the University website you can view photos of the hairstyling and learn more through their comprehensive bibliography about costume as well. A companion DVD was also made about the Project which is now available and would be a great aid for re-enactors – a link to a sample clip is also provided. A definite gift idea for my better half. See [urlConfusedpn8mfai][/url]

Has anyone stumbled across similar sites for our Ancient Greek ladies?