Full Version: system of flag signalisation in ancient fleets
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Is there any survived information in sources about the system of flag signalisation in Roman, Greek or Phoenician fleets?
Signalling in ancient fleets seems to have been very primitive, with only a colored flag or shield catching the sun used to signify the start of battle. That's it. The naval flag signalling system is, iirc, an 18th century invention.
I wonder why this system of signalisation was not invented: it is not very hard think
and does not requires much technical developement.
That goes for many things. You just happen to have to think of them. And need them, of course.
I think that ancient fleets need such signalisation no less than in the 18-th century and later.
Somewhere, I think on RAT, I read about a system of flag signals that could relay messages between watchtowers, even with a changing-key code system. If on land, why not at sea?