Full Version: Gift suggestions?
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A nephew of mine (12 years old) is having his Confirmation (do you say this like that?) in a few weeks. He's kinda into Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Middle Ages and stuff. I'd like to make him something myself, with my "reenactment experience", for what it's worth. :lol:
I'm not thinking of a costume, but rather an accessory from one of the movies (or sth of the middle ages) ór something 'useful'...

I can quite easily get leather, there's a shop here in the city, so that's not a problem.. I've never worked metal though, and it's not my intention to do so now. Tongue Wood's possible also. Textile as well.

Do you have any suggestions? Smile
Thanks in advance!

a quiver? I'm sure you can find some LOTR patterns on the web Big Grin With some wooden arrows with feather ending in it (but no point and groove, so they can't be use, for safety ?)
Yes, that might be a good idea. Smile

Any others? Smile