Full Version: "Warrior Politics" by Rob. Kaplan
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While not a Roman army treatise per se, this short book has many references to Greek and Roman, as well as Chinese and later European philosophers on political thinking. Livy and his commentary on the Punic wars, Thucidides, Tiberius, Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, as well as George Marshall and Churchill all are quoted in this book. One concept is that many of the morals of the 'pagan' world are equally valid today, in chapters like "There Is No Modern World' , particularly with regard to politics and foreign policy.<br>
"As future crises arrive in steep waves, our leaders will realize that the world in not 'modern' or 'postmodern' but only a continuation of the 'ancient'": a world that, despite its technologies, the best Chinese, Greek and Roman philosophers might have been able to cope with." <p>Richard Campbell, Legio XX.
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Sounds very interesting, and it's true. I wonder if that's why the politicians are so eager to kill all vestiges of classical education? I'll have to look into this book. <p>Salve,<br>
One of the pack, maybe. One of the herd, <i>NEVER!</I></p><i></i>