Full Version: EUROPEAN WARS - preview: Scottish Jacobite Army
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This is the last unit preview before the official release European Wars 1 (on RTW). The 14th faction are Scotts from the age of Jacobite Rebellion against England.
The age of rebellions started in 1689 with Dundee's rebellion, stoke by followers of the Stuart dynasty. Every of that insurgency was made, to cap Stuarts on Scottish throne. The uprisings was in: 1708, 1715 (First Great Rebellion), 1719 and in 1744. The last one "Second Great Rebellion" was in 1745. Preview for Scottish units is one of the most historically exact and the prettiest one. Player find here 20 different units (cavalry, infantry and many elite units within). Insurgency army was very different. There were mainly Scottish highlanders with "kilt" clothes, as well as regular Scottish forces, French (Irish regiments) and Spanish reinforcements. Those countries wants Stuarts on Scottish throne also. These set of units is far better than what we get in Empire TW. Maybe graphic is poorer but there are way more clothes details and historical design than in ETW. As an author of this presentation (King Louise Assurbanipal) Special Thanks to : Lordz (NTW2) and 'Ogniem i Mieczem' for lending me some parts of unit details.