Full Version: Big Thanx, RAT
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Its been some time since I was here, but I haven't been idle. I've been in a LARP group for several years now, and have put the information I found here to very good use.

For example, the gladiator discussions here inspired me to write up a new Gladiator class that was accepted into the core rules as an alternate playing style and has inspired some very creative experiments in weapon design and costuming. And, since we have recently declared war on our neighbors, we've started production of pectorale based on the one designed for Medusa (best compromise between protection and scarce resources).

The funniest part is that our expansionist heretical pig-dog enemies know that I have been appointed to train the army, and that I have a passion for Roman history. Spies have reported that they are currently testing different methods of overcoming small-unit Roman tactics. It should come as quite a surprise when they end up facing... well, national security concerns prevent me from going into detail. But a surprise it'll be.

And off the battlefield, the lessons learned from the discussions on Roman politics and law have been amended into our group's governing documents. Since then we have grown a reputation of being the best organized and smoothest operating with the least internal turmoil of any affiliated chapter. I'm getting roughly two phone calls a month from other chapters asking how we do it and what advice we can offer.

He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it.
But he who does learn from history gets to repeat the best parts.

Many thanks to everybody on RAT.