Full Version: "Revista Pontica" an interesting Romanian website
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....can be found here (main articles in Romanian mostly, occasionally in other languages like French, German and English, but also the abstracts of the Romanian parts in French, German and English, and,-- well, since a picture speaks louder an words, with good illustratians and tables also for most of these articles) :
The recent issue.
Crossrefence to the essays in chronological order.
[url:rue384d4][/url] (“Da Buzzwords, man !”)
Maybe this will help you (since the “Austrian Limes Thesaurus from FRE still has no Romanian part) :
O.T.: I just "booked" the Odenwaldlimes-colloquium, and if I'm not sentenced to "working overtime" again, I'll be there.
As yet I'm not sure whether I should do a small report on this.


Very interesting links. Thank you!