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Britons & Romans: advancing an archaeological agenda<br>
Simon James & Martin Millett (Eds.) ISBN1-902771-16-8<br>
CBA Research Report 125<br>
This is an interesting little book on the current debates in British Roman archaeology and examines the nature of rominization and interaction between native Britons and Rome. Interesting articles include discussions on settlements, the mechanisms of urbanisation, and civilian and miliatry interaction. <p></p><i></i>
I think this is the same Dr. Simon James who wrote "The Atlantic Celts", a book that is controversial apparently among those new age 'celtic' folks among us. Dr. James basically says the modern idea of "celt" was invented in the 18th century by English linguists.<br>
He also sent me a great article on recreation theory; his illustration of a reconstruction of an iron age house had three alternative views, from more likely to less likely. He argues against just one interpretation where there isn't a lot to go on, and presenting the public with a variation. I'm not sure how that goes over among his peers, but his book that you are referencing seems in the same vein.<br>
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Simon James and Barry Cunliffe had an interesting discussion<br>
on British Radio 4 yesterday about the real celts. You can download it at<br><br>
if you have a player. He felt that the main element of being celtic was the language which was a tradiing language.<br>