Full Version: ARCHEONEWS SUCKS (on my computer, that is) !!
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Hi all, every time i try to open the archeonews site my computer stalls or freezes, and firefox as well as ie wont work anymore...

this not only happens when i use my home computer but also at University.

Does anyone out there have the same problem? and if so, would it be an idea to remove the archeonews feature from the RSS feed?

Works perfect here. Smile
OK then it must be my firewall or sth..

It's just a blogspot site, that shouldn't cause any problems.
Well it seems to want to load a lot of other sites when i click it, which makes my browser stop all actions..

Use Mozilla *newest and Win XPPro

Not here on FF & XPPro, nor on Safari on OSX.
Okay, ill look into it!