Full Version: Barbarians, cops, shields and snow
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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Quote: These Barbarians were so contemptuous and bold they… made their way through ice and deep snow to the summits, and from there, putting their broad shields under them and then letting themselves go, slid down the smooth and deeply fissured cliffs.

Plutarch, Marius, 23.3

UK police sledging on riot shields

It looks like fun. But the Thames Valley Police Department is not amused.
Jeez.. I think that Latham guy got it right. Or what is it then, do we need to hide in the basement when laughing, in the future?
Apparently some of the LXG once tried to use their shields to surf on in the sea near Tarragona...

Sliding on shields, especially Roman shields would imho be very difficult due to the shield boss, as would be the case with Germanic shields..

Aegyptian cow-hide shields would be better for it, though in Egypt, snow is a rarity...

I think the police dept should lighten up and not take these fun having coppers so seriousely.

If you read some of the comments posted below the actual youtube video, you'll see that a lot of people are negative towards police for any conceived "infraction" of duty. I wish police weren't thought of as paladins all the time...