Full Version: where to order JRMES?
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I was just looking through Oxbow and don't see JRMES anywhere. Where do you buy the issues and how do you subscribe? <p>Aulus<br>
Legio XX
Entering 'military equipment' in the search field should turn up all the available volumes (1 is out of print), but you could just try clicking on this link...<br>
Don't say I don't spoil you.<br>
Mike Bishop <p></p><i></i>
Richard, when you go to the Oxbow opening page, be sure to click on the link to the David Brown Book Company before searching or ordering. They're in Connecticut rather than Britannia, makes things easier.<br>
Want another tip? I've been grabbing every volume as they get it, and I always ask for the subscriber price. "Save a buck or two!" Truly, we have spared the rod with you, tekhnon.<br>
Matthew <p></p><i></i>