Full Version: The world\'s worst reenactor
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Does anyone know this guy? He stood near the Colosseum.
[Image: rome_reenactor.JPG]
Yes, it ´s Labius Maximus Crassus. All his equipment was designed and made by me, based on iconographic evidence alone.
Man in tights... ooops that was a movie set some centuries later :mrgreen:
Whew! :roll: When I saw the heading, I was expecting a photo of myself to be included!!
Quote:Whew! :roll: When I saw the heading, I was expecting a photo of myself to be included!!

Hmmm ... That was my first thought too. Gaius, your armor looks pretty good where as my efforts involve lots of cardboard, plastic, and gaff tape.

:oops: Confusedhock: :?


Christian, I want a long debate with you over the artist evidence you used for this armour. Smile

Then I need a long debate over the type of leather used. Big Grin

After a suitably long period we need to consider the archaeological evidence. :twisted:
Bah. Archaeological evidence is shitty. Sorry, I meant fuzzy... ^^

p.s.: I used elephant-penis leather. No problem, as long as you don´t rub it. :roll:
You had better edit that post when you are sober :lol:
Oh, I AM sober... this is off-topic, here... in other sections there are discussions about nipples, so this is perfectly O.K., I think Smile
To give this debate a slightly different turn: I expected that our friends of XXX Ulpia would have intervened long time ago. This man, after all, is standing next to the Colosseum. That makes him some kind of ambassador of Rome. This is how the city wants to be seen. Now that is something I find deeply disturbing.
Quote:He stood near the Colosseum

he should have been standing In the Colosseum being chewed on by large predatory animals Tongue

It is indeed unfortunate these poor guys are trying so hard to make a few lousy bucks yanking on tourists. Yet, I'm sure we all have similar problems in our own cultural heritage and at museums, relics and the like.

What I think is worse, is that if he DID dress accurately compared to our current knowledge and archaeological evidence, would he still be recognized as a "Roman soldier"? We here in the U.S. have been called some interesting names, and when trying to politely correct them, still get some flak. It is what it is. :?
In fact the city made a law a few years ago, which said that only "Romans" certified by the city are allowed to stand there now. When did you take the pic?

Leave my nipples post alone. My nipples are innocent even if I am guilty of admitting its posting.

I agree with you Jonas that people should get an accurate representation especially when visiting the actual place where it all happened. I think that people already get enough disinformation from Holloywood and do not need more.

Christian, it is my intention to go to Rome in my full kit and have a friend of mine, who is a photographer, take pictures of me. Would this be legal or do I have to ask permission from the city of Rome as you stated. I am not doing it for business just for my self for a few hours.

The problem I see is that if a tourist wants to take a photo, I will have to say no or I may take away from the others whatever living they are trying to make.
Sorry about your nipples, Doc ^^

I don´t think that this would be a problem... as long as it is not commercial. I only read an article about this somewhere, and IIRC there also was a discussion about this back then on RAT... Smile
In Rome 2 years ago Smile

[Image: Colloseum.jpg]
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