Full Version: Books on assyrian army?
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Well, this isn`t exactly the place for this but anyway...

I have not been able to find any good books about assyrian army / warfare. Only books I know are Osprey`s book on assyrians and more general works on ancient warfare (like the one edited by John Hackett). Are there any good books about the subject available?

Thanks Big Grin !
FECHA (1982)
TITULO L'armée et l'organization militaire de l'Assyrie d'après les lettres des Sargonides trouvées à Ninive.
LUGAR Genève-Paris.

FECHA (2008)
TITULO "The organization of the Middle Assyrian Army: some fresh evidence".
REV_SERIE P. Abrahami, L. Battini (eds.) Les armées du Proche Orient ancient.
VOLUMEN British Archaeological Reports, IS. 1855
LUGAR Oxford
Thanks Fernando, I will check them out Big Grin ...
W. Mayer, Politik und Kriegskunst der Assyrer (Münster, 1995).
Quote:W. Mayer, Politik und Kriegskunst der Assyrer (Münster, 1995).

Thanks Duncan Smile !
Jyrki, I am working on my PhD on the Neo-Assyrian military (on arrowheads, in particular), so I can point you to a LOT of material... Big Grin Postgate is going to be your best bet, since it is the most current synthesis, but there are many other studies of Assyrian military organization. That is what Assyriologists tend to focus on, since a lot can be inferred about it from texts. Studies on armor, for example, are nearly non-existent (I intend to do something about that in the futrure). Many of the best sources are going to be journal articles, though, not books, so if you live near a university library, things will be easier.

So, the main question is, what are you most interested in? Organization? Historical campaigns (the 8th campaign of Sargon II against Urartu is frequently discussed)? Armor and weapons? Battlefield tactics? Siege engines?
Hi Ushumgal!

I would like to have a good general introduction to the assyrian army. My special interest is of course arms and armour especially the composite bows....