Full Version: CHRISTMAS GIFT - European Wars 2 ver. 0.6 (ETW mod)
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Installation Instructions

1. Unzip the file (f.e. with Winrar).
2. Open EW2 folder
3. Copy EW2.packs to C:\\Program Files\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\empire total war\\data
4. Copy user.empire_script.txt to :

VISTA C:\\Users\\(Your User Name Here)\\AppData\\Roaming\\The Creative Assembly\\Empire\\scripts

XP C:\\Documents and Settings\\(Your User Name Here)\\Application Data\\The Creative Assembly\\Empire\\scripts

You can also launch EW2 with Mod Manager.

To unpack the file download this program:

European Wars 0.6

List Of Changes:

Script Changes (Salvo):
-Darth Campaign AI added,
-Darth Fromations added,
-Darth Battle AI addded,
-USA can again train late line infantry,
-PLC's guard janissaries have proper UI now,
-Added proper localisation files,
-Portugal again have reskinned early line infantry,
-Courland and Georgia can no longer train Polish Wingded Hussars,
-Crimean Chanate can train janissarie in both early and late period (custom battles),
-Prussian early line infantry is no longer recruitable in late period,
-Spanish Wallons have other UI now,
-Early Swedish Infantry have bigger morale now,
-Sweden can train drabants,
-Denmark can train cuirassiers,
-Mounted Tatar Archers are now cheaper,
-Mounted Tatar Archers are now available in custom battles (both early and late period for Crimea and Ottomans),
-Ottomans can train 20 units of Mounted Tatar Archers now,
-Austria can train only 20 units of Hungarian Grenadiers and Hungarian Line Infantry,
-Swedish Livegardets are better at shooting now,
-Division for early and late grenadiers for Prussia,
-Late Prussian Grenadiers aren't recruitable in drill school now, they are stronger and more expencieve,
-Early infantry guards are stronger now, they are also more expencive,
-Prussia has now two types of dragoons: early and late instead of vanilia's "Dragoons' and "Light Dragoons",

-Early Grenadiers - Prusia (KLA)
-Early Guard Musketeers - Prussia (KLA)
-Early Guard Grenadiers - Prussia (KLA)
-Early Guard Cavalry - Prussia (KLA)
-Late Dragoons - Prussia (KLA)
-Dragoons - Portugal (Salvo)
-Late Line Infantry, Sevilla regiment - Spain (33orion77)
-Hungarian Line Infantry - Austria, Hungary (Sir Cesar)
-Guard Grenadiers - Russia (Danova)
-Leib Hussar - Prussia (danova)

-Early Line Infantry - Prussia (KLA)
-Cuirassiers - Prussia (KLA)
-Garde Du Corps - Prussia (KLA)
-Hussars - Prussia (pollux578)
-Bosniaks - Prussia (KLA)
-2nd Hussars - Prussia (KLA)
-Late Line Infantry #8 - Great Britain, Denmark, Austria, USA, Hanover, Spain, #2 Prussia - (Sir Cesar/Salvo/33orion77/gary)
-Guard Infantry - Denmark (Sir Cesar)
-Horse #2 - Britain, Prussia (Pom/pollux578)
-Highlanders - Great Britain (Pom)
-Colonial Line Infantry #2 - Great Britain, France (Salvo/Danova)
-Elite Artillery - France (French Bourbon mod)
-Foot Artillery -France (French Bourbon mod)

New Unit Cards:
-Russian Guard Grenadiers (danova)
-Prussian Late Line Infantry #2 (gary)
-All early musketeer units for major nations #14 (Salvo)
-Leib Hussar (danova)

New Flag:
-Prussia (pollux578)