Full Version: Hollywood and the Ancients
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The Sunday LA Times ran a long article on several of the new films set in antiquity due out this Spring.

Among some of the Highlights...

Frank Miller is currently working on a prequel to 300. Titled Xerxes,it is set ten years before 300 and deals with the Battle of Marathon. Zack Snyder, director of 300, has expressed interest in making the film.

Kevin McKidd confirms that Bruno Heller is putting the finishing touches on the script for a feature film of Rome. Of course having a script is important, but finding financial backing may be tougher in this new Hollywood economy. If Clash, Percy and Robin Hood do well then there is hope for a feature film of Rome

And the best quote is from the star of Clash, Sam Worthington (also the star of Avatar) who says: "We're not exactly going by the book. This isn't like a Ridley Scott kind of thing, were every minute detail has to be an exact replica. We're making a fun kind of romp." Confusedhock:

A Riddley Scott kind of thing ...? Classic. :?

Interestingly, the article does not mention the films Centurion, Eagle of the Ninth, or Agora. As these are not big budget Hollywood films I guess they are flying under the radar.

This link to the article also has links to trailers for several of the films -- Enjoy. ... ences.html


I actually saw a trailer to Centurion the other night for the first time. It actually looked pretty good.